Breast Cancer Survivors and Yoga

IdeaFit posted and interesting article about a study on breast cancer survivors and yoga. Here’s an excerpt with a link to the full article below:

Interesting findings about the impact of starting a yoga practice on sleep issues and inflammation markers have resulted from a study of 200 female breast cancer survivors. Fatigue and sleep problems pose significant challenges for these women.

“This [study] showed that modest yoga practice over a period of several months could have substantial benefits for breast cancer survivors,” said lead study author Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, professor of psychiatry and psychology at The Ohio State University in Columbus, in an OSU news release.

The study demonstrated that, even for beginners, sticking with a consistent yoga practice could reduce both fatigue and inflammation, leading to welcome health improvements. Kiecolt-Glaser noted that, with 200 participants, this is the largest known randomized, controlled trial of yoga to include biological measures.

Read the full article here.

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There’s an App for That!

Are you looking for an extra boost to your workout routine? Do you want to master a yoga pose? Keep track of your nutrition intake? There’s an app for that! But with so many to choose from, how do you decide which app is the best option for you?

That’s where we come in!

We will highlight a fitness app each month and let you know if it’s worth your time, attention, and phone data space!

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Bootcamp Fusion – Small Group Personal Training

Personalized training for small groups of 4-8 participants per session. All it takes is a 30 minute commitment to get back in shape! Our group attendees strive to work hard and support each other in our small group trainings. Take 30 minutes out of your day and get the results you’ve been looking for!

Interested? Call and reserve your place, classes fill up quickly! Want to know more? Find more information on the Small Group Personal Training page.

Classes going on now:
Monday – 7am & 5:45pm
Wednesday – 7am & 6:15pm
Friday – 7am
Saturday – 9:45am


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Meditation Experience!

Second Sunday of the Month

about_us2All are welcome to attend! Enjoy an ongoing group meditation that can help increase your connection to calmness, relaxation, and focus in your life. Each session is designed so you can drop in, learn, and experience meditation and get questions answered about your home practice too! The group atmosphere creates a community of support and friendship. Meditation has been proven to help many health conditions and/or the stress related to them like high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, diabetes, and more. It is now common knowledge that meditation is critical in managing anxiety and stress no matter who you are. Join in with us and get connected to the relaxed attitude you always knew you had!

1 Hour Sessions $25.00 each
$5 Off Pre Register Discount (7 days prior)

Sign up and change how you handle stress!

What we do:
Each session follows a theme which covers a breath technique, a meditation skill, handout, your questions, and about 45 minutes of putting it all together working on our skill for that session.

What to bring:
Blanket (it can be chilly while resting), pillow to sit on or if resting to place under the head or knees for comfort; Suggest: eye mask (or similar item) that will gently cover the eyes from light.

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