What Our Clients Are Saying


Jody Manofsky has been my yoga instructor at Fusion Bodyworks for over four years. Her classes are outstanding in many ways. In each class there are a small number of clients and personal attention is given to individual problems, such as back and knee issues. She gives adaptations for many poses depending on each client’s needs. Everyone is encouraged to strive to reach his or her potential at whatever level that may be. Jody has many different flows and postures so each class is different. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her breadth of knowledge of yoga is reassuring. If you are in Jody’s class, you are not just another body on a mat – she is aware of you and adapts moves to fit YOU. When I stated in her classes, I had problems with sciatica, but with her encouragement and skills, I have been strong and healthy and now have the tools I need from yoga to manage that pain.
Beth Anthony creates an environment that promotes a positive massage experience, both physically and mentally. Her professional skills and
knowledge are easily apparent.   I am a regular client who experiences chronic neck and shoulder pain, and Beth has been able to relieve much of my discomfort through therapeutic massage techniques.  I feel better and function better after each appointment.
I lost my Mother after an 18 month battle with cancer almost 11 years ago and I was fortunate enough to be her major care giver during her struggle but little did I realize that after her death I was going to embark on my battle. Somehow in the years to come I selfishly became more frustrated, angry and bitter about her death and I found myself floundering…gaining weight, high blood pressure, stress and nerve pills and withdrawing from life.

Approximately 2½ years ago, I was given a gift certificate for a massage with Jody in the hope of helping me to relax. That simple, kind gesture was the beginning of my transformation. Not only do I receive regular massage therapy with Jody, she is also my personal trainer and yoga instructor. Jody’s professional skills are endless and her technique is very personalized to my needs and capabilities. I no longer require any medications, have lost two clothing sizes, am mentally happy and have managed to find my spirituality. I actually like myself!

Jody is blessed with her professional skills and wise beyond her years in spirit. If you think that there is more to life than you are living and can’t seem to find it…start with Fusion Body Works and let Jody help to guide you on to the path of living with a healthy MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Because of Jody my Mind is healthy, my Body is strong and my Spirit is true and I thank God everyday that she has come into my life.

In about one year’s work three times a week, Jody has made a difference in my
life. Working back from a slip-fall concussion and balance therapy, I now have
almost no dizzy issues, and the vertigo is gone. Having been told of some
blockage around my heart, my cardio workouts have given me back my breathing.

I now have the leg strength to easily get up off the toilet, and my posture has
been improved along with greater overall body strength. In addition, I can get
back easily into the prior fall’s smaller size jeans with no real weight loss
or food sacrifices. Only a few months away from turning sixty, I’m happy to
have these blessings so that I can enjoy my family and grandchildren. Hurray
for our work together!

I first started seeing Jody to get help with toning my body to help with bone density and to strengthen my core muscles. I had never been to a gym before and she made me feel very comfortable there.

The great thing about Jody is that she explains everything so well; what each machine or exercise should accomplish, how to work on them properly, and she demonstrates herself with proper postural positioning. Add to all that that she is a warm and caring person and you have a
winning combination.

Jody has been my trainer and friend for the past eight years. I am a practicing nurse of 42 years and have spent a considerable amount of time caring for patients with a variety of physical conditions, usually requiring physical therapy. The physical and health evaluations and development of an exercise and nutrition plan that Jody performed before beginning my program were very impressive, to say the least. Her knowledge of nutrition rivals some of the best dietitians I have had the pleasure of working with. She constantly seeks improvement through continuing education and collaboration with health care professionals.

In the first six months of working out and eating clean with Jody, I lost 45 pounds, dropped my overall cholesterol from 395 to 154, and my triglyceride from 695 to 142!!! Since then I have also been able to cut some of my diabetes meds by 25%!! During the time we have worked together, Jody has proven herself to be a consummate professional who is devoted to her clients. Even in the most difficult of times, she has stayed on course, with my goals in mind (even though I may not have).

In addition to all of the above, she is genuinely interested in her clients and does a magnificent job of combining personal care along with professional expertise in the services she provides. Thank you for all of your help. It is scary to think where I would be without your help the past eight years!?!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jody after receiving a massage as a gift from a friend. I must say from that day, I compare every massage to “Jody’s massages” and only a small handful have ever come close to how she makes you feel. It wasn’t until I had my baby in 2011 that I needed a new direction and motivation to change myself physically and mentally. I think I gained almost 60 lbs during my pregnancy and after having the baby, the “baby” weight just didn’t go away as easy as I thought it would. In December of 2011, I started working out with Jody 2 days a week. At first, I thought to myself, “I’ve been to gyms before and worked with personal trainers. There is no way I’m going to see results from only working out 2 days a week for 30 minutes.” But boy am I glad I was wrong. Since then, I am down 46 lbs. and feel great. Working out with Jody is amazing and I would strongly encourage “new moms” or anyone that needs that extra push to give Jody a call.
I knew from the first time I spoke to Jody , that I had found someone special. Her encouraging words helped me feel that I could achieve health and fitness. So I made my first appt. for personal training with her. As life happens, I had to cancel because my Mother became ill (I had not met Jody personally, but she called to ask about Mom…what kindness!) I then made another appt. Again, I had to cancel because of car issues. I was beside myself, but Jody calmly told me to not give up. Those words made me determined to keep trying. Let me tell you, the wait was SO worth it!

Working with Jody has been amazing. I feel like I have known her forever…and I feel that she really knows me! (she has used the don’t give up phrase on me several times!) I thought that personal training was just about physical exercise, but with Jody it’s so much more. She has helped me to let go of my negativity and to see things in a positive way. That has helped me immensely…with my mind and body. She knows exactly what my core needs, and we work on that. I’m moving better than I ever thought possible.

I’ve also started taking Jody’s yoga classes…they are wonderful. Even as a novice to this, Jody’s clear instructions and visualization have opened up another avenue of change for me. I can’t wait for Mon. at 6:15!

Bottom line is that Jody’s heart and soul are given to every client/friend that she meets. She inspires, motivates, and gives you her all, so that you can be the best you can be! I am so blessed that Jody came into my life! Thanks, Jody!

Just wanted to say Thank You for today. You gave me a kick start that I
definitely needed…..sometimes the obvious is right in front of us but we lose sight of it at times because life just is crazy , that being no excuse we just need to be reminded to reconfirm what we already know and take hold….

You are going to have an awesome business because you are a great person that genuinely cares about people and gives her all, and that is a quality that is soooooo hard to find in people these days.

I first met Jody while taking a yoga class. Being new to the whole “mind, body, spirit ” information, I mentioned to my yoga instructor I was search of a massage therapist. Jody was not only in that class, but sat a few mats away. The yoga instructor pointed her out and right away I could tell she was a woman with a gift.

Jody is one of the most knowledgeable people,especially when it comes to connecting the mind, body and spirit. Her ability to gather information and process it into a healing experience is exponential.

Jody is not only a student of life, but a teacher as well. Her gifts far exceed masage therapy, but swell over into an entire relam of better living, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Jody is progressive and continues to bring into her practice, new ideas and insights that are practical and life changing.

From the moment I set foot into her space, I knew my life was going to change forever. Her wisdom, empathy and encouragement have been a soild pillar of strength to me for the past two years. She is a woman of grace, intuition and healing. I am fortunate to call her one of my very best friends. Equally fortunate to say that she has changed my life.

When beginning a weight-loss program, one may think in terms of how many pounds that she wants to LOSE. I would like to share with you how much I have GAINED & LOST, since working with Jody Manofsky of Fusion Bodyworks.

-increased awareness of correct body positioning during exercise & normal daily activities
-different perspective in becoming healthy (focus more on % of body fat than lbs.)
-correct daily water intake for my weight
-increased confidence in my ability to achieve my goals
-a trainer who believed in my capabilities more than I did, initially
-increased love of physical activity
-increased love & respect for my body & overall health
-a new friend!!

-10% body fat
-mediocre attitude about physical activity
-poor posture

I would highly recommend having a consultation with Jody to see where she may be able to help you achieve your wellness goals!

I met Jody at Beretta Chiropractic Office when she first started there maybe 5 years ago, at first she was my trainer, over the years, she has become so much more than that to me.

She is my Supporter, My Counselor, My Yoga Instructor, My Life Coach, My Mentor, My Massage Therapist, Most of all she is my Sister/Friend.

She is someone who puts, YOU First, she will take time out of her busy schedule to call or TEXT you, to see how you are when you are down, or having a bad day. And she knows what is going on just by looking at you.

Jody is a Woman just like us, trying to help ourselves and fiqure things out, and she works hard at it, by taking classes, and learning, and always trying new things, to see what will work for all of us, she works at improving ALL of our lives for the better.

Jody is an inspiration to me and for me, She gives of herself, She is so full of Life and of Love for the better of all of us.

We all have a purpose on this Earth, and Jody has shown me that her purpose is to Love and Care for others, and she is so Great at it!

Jody, I love and honor you as a Woman of Strength and Courage, and of Hope for all of us who want to better ourselves, through or Mind, Body and Spirit.

I was very lucky to meet and start beginner yoga classes with Jody Manofsky of Fusion
Bodyworks about 8 months ago. I started yoga to help with breathing, sinus and posture
problems and found that yoga helped with that and so much more! Yoga is all about balance, movement and relaxation all at once! I have experienced improvements in daily life such as concentration level and even better sleep habits.

Jody is a fantastic teacher and her classes are suitable for any age, fitness or flexibility level. Both men and women are welcome. Jody’s classes are small and she is able to offer personal attention to her students. You won’t feel lost in a packed class or just be a face in the crowd.

If you have always wanted to try yoga…..this is a great place to start!!!

Thank you Jody for the great workouts for my back that has been bothering me for 2 years!! I am finally seeing the light at the end on the tunnel. And your massages are unbelieveable!! You are an artist at what you do.