Just got this message from a Great Friend and client and I HAD to share it with all of you!!

“Omg Jody. I just spent some of my Birthday money. And had to get three sizes smaller in pants and Shirts. I Can’t believe it, I actually saw myself smaller in the mirror!!
THANK YOU So much!!”

She’s lost almost 30 pounds and over 12″ in 9 weeks!!

This is what determination can do!!!! Oh and she is 71 years old!!! She has overcome 3 lifting moves she could not do at all when we started!!! She’s doing the same workouts I have written for everyone else, with some modifications!!! And her daughter is doing it all with her. That makes her/their success that much sweeter!!!! And neither of them are HUNGRY or TIRED!! They are actually eating more food than they both thought!!


I am so ecstatic right now!!! AND OVERWHELMED WITH PRIDE!
So many of us struggle with weight loss today. Or just plain being healthy.
There is hope. You can do this!!

And here’s a DISCOUNT for you to help get you started!!

Buy one month of Small Group Personal Training and get the 2nd month for 50% off!
This is for new clients or clients who have not been here for at least 6 months!

Email, or call/text 724-882-6385 today to reserve your spot! These are Small Group classes, so classes are limited to 3-6 people.

Class times available

  • 7:00 AM Advanced
  • 9:30 AM Beginner
  • 3:45 PM Beginner to Intermediate
  • 7:00 AM Advanced
  • 9:30 AM Beginner
  • 3:45 PM Beginner to Intermediate
  • 7:00 AM Advanced
  • * 9:45 AM Beginner
  • * 4:00 PM Beginner to Intermediate
* New time – starts soon!

New class times added as needed and upon request, if available.
(One on One sessions can be done prior to joining group if thats your preference.)