Personal Training

A personalized service for those of us who need that extra push and challenge to be the best. Each session starts with a consultation and health history. Discussing goals and potential obstacles to reach your personal goals as quickly as possible. Body fat and nutrition counseling is also a big part of the picture. You can be as strict as you need to be, or you may want to be more laid back with your approach to “dieting.” We try not to use the word “diet.” It’s about a lifestyle, not a “diet.” Documentation of each workout is recorded in your personal manual that is used as a journal to record daily meals and workouts, as well as journaling thoughts on personal progress.



Nutrition Counseling

nutrition2Nutrition counseling is offered as an adjunct to all services. Nutrition is the foundation of health and is therefore discussed on all levels of service. This is not a fad diet. They are good commons sense recommendations to help you reach your personal best. This does not mean that you will never get to enjoy your favorite foods or drinks. It does mean, however, that you may need to limit them. One of the best suggestions I make is that you will have to eat more to lose!! It’s about losing body fat and keeping metabolically active muscle tissue. Muscle is the engine to our metabolism! The fuel you feed it will determine the outcome! Makes sense, doesn’t it?!